I had the pleasure of coaching Tony Conway for 4 years at VMI. He also coached my son at Rockbridge County High School. I have known him and been a small part of his life since I began recruiting him when he was 18 years old. Simply put, Tony is just a wonderful person and his family is one of the warmest and most supportive I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is exactly the type of person and from exactly the type of family that we all want to coach!

Tony was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), a form of Motor Neuron Disease, in 2011 and this tournament is held to assist Tony and his family with all of the financial challenges they are now facing. Tony is one of many that have given so much to soccer here in Virginia for so many years and this is our chance to give back to one of our own at a time of need. Please reach out to help us with this special need in any way you can. Get a team together and come join us, or if you can’t simply make a donation in any amount. I know we can make a difference! Please feel free to contact me of you have any questions or suggestions. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Follow Tony and learn more about ALS at www.dontshrink.com

I wrote the message above four years ago to share and begin the process of supporting a special man and his family who were all fighting a courageous battle against a horrible disease. Tony has passed and is missed by all; but his family and friends will continue to fight for him against ALS. The Conway Cup lives on to remember Tony and to educate the public on this disease in hopes of helping others! I hope you will join all of Tony's friends and family in Lexington to "Kick some ALS." I look forward to seeing all of you in Lexington this April!

Stephen Ross