Rules of Play
  1. All VHSL rules apply unless altered or clarified below
  2. World Cup format: top teams from group play progress to single-elimination playoff
  3. Teams play a minimum of three games in the group play phase
  4. A player may not participate without shin guards.
  5. A team may only field six players (5 field players and a goalkeeper).
  6. No sliding tackles
  7. Substitutions may only be made on a dead-ball situation. The referee will restart play.
  8. Players accumulating 2 yellow cards, or 1 red card, will be suspended for the next game. Any subsequent card will result in suspension from the tournament.
  9. No offside
  10. Goalkeepers may distribute the ball in any manner, except punting or drop kicking. Punts or drop kicks will result in an indirect from midfield for the opposing team
  11. On free-kicks, the wall may be no closer than 5yds
  12. Game time is 25 minutes with a running clock. No stoppages and no half time.
  13. All disputes decided by the tournament director.
  14. A team roster may have up to 10 players
  15. A player may only be named on a single roster, and play for a single team.