Thursday, December 8, 2016

Who We Help

Throughout Tony's illness, our family was incredibly blessed to have support from so many people in so many parts of our lives. We have an incredible support network, and they kept us going through our darkest days and hardest struggles.

After Tony died, I wanted the funds raised by the Conway Cup to continue to support ALS patients, their families, and ALS research.

One of the recipients was kind enough to let us know what this meant to her:

"The Conway Cup gave us the opportunity to reach out and support an awesome family and fall in love with 'football.' We are grateful for the Conway Cup's financial support. ALS challenges financial security. ALS challenges people to come together for a common goal, kick some ALS and have fun doing it."

I'm so glad we can help people and return some of the kindness we were given. I'm pretty sure Tony would approve.

I hope you can join us in April!
Amanda Conway