Monday, November 24, 2014

The 2015 Conway Cup

Winter Weather Watch

Unfortunately, weather forecasts for this weekend predict some form of wintery mix is to be expected. The exact form and accumulation of wintery weather is not yet accurately forecast.

Games are played on artificial fields, so inclement weather early in the week does not necessarily pose a problem.

If it is safe to travel to and from the tournament, and safe to play on the fields, we will play in rain, light snow, or sun, so please dress appropriately for the temperatures and conditions.

Tournament coordinators will make a decision by 6:00pm Wednesday and that decision will be posted on the web site.

The safety of our participants is our number one concern. In the event that cancellation is necessary, we will find a time to reschedule.


Save the date: We're delighted to announce that the 2015 Conway Cup will be held on Saturday, February 21st, at Washington and Lee University's athletics complex, and the registration is open in the following brackets: Boys High School. All other brackets are closed.

Registered Teams

Adult Open

Tony's BRs
JC's Henchmen
S. Domer
From 07 to 12
Blue Lab Brew Crew
Parkway Brewing FC
Dream Team
Revolution FC
VMI Club Red
VMI Club Yellow 
FC International
Team Carr

Mens Collegiate

SOCA 2016
Boca Seniors
Tink Tink
Victorious Secret
Animals of the Forest
Forza FC
The Inbetweeners
Roanoke College Men's Soccer Club
Emily's Lovers
Don Tequila's
L. McGlynn
PC Generations
Former FASA

High School Boys

Heart of Virginia Thunder
PC Cougars
Potter FC

High School Girls

William Monroe High
Roanoke College Women's Soccer Club

Boys Junior

Shooting Star
RUSC Condors
PC Cougars
Generic FC
The Freshmen
Black Rhinos
K. Saacke

Girls Junior

VAFC Xpress
GFC Girls 1
GFC Girls 2

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